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Travel Checklist

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Prior to embarking on any trip safety is emphasized at all times. A snake handler is engaged to address the tourists on how to handle a situation where they have an encounter with a snake. They are taught basic techniques on how to handle snakes and scorpion bites and made familiar with common snakes and scorpions that are found in the areas they will be visiting..

Basic first aid techniques are briefly taught just in case there is an unfortunate encounter in the middle of the trip.

  • Ensure that you pack comfortable casual clothes and avoid bright colors as much as possible .Make sure you pack clothes that are suitable for the season in which you will be traveling in
  • Bring little but adequate baggage for easy maneuvering during activities.
  • Ensure that you bring along a torch with extra batteries that can be easily carried around.
  • We recommend you bring in your own camera with extra batteries and a small tripod stand if you desire.
  • Do bring a travel adaptor to use for charging your gargets in preparation for the next trip. Note that power may not always be available especially in areas outside the city.
  • Do communicate with your insurance broker prior to your departure to ensure that your insurance covers you in the event of any eventuality that may occur during your trip.