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As you crisscross deep into the Kalahari along the Maun-Shakawe route you find the Gcwihaba (Droskey’s) caves. This interesting passageways, underground of caverns and pits leads to fantastical stalagmites and stalactites formations, some measuring up to 6 metres. Caverns in Gcwihaba are as high as 10 metres while some are as tiny that you will need to crawl on your belly to crawl to get through. Archaeological findings revealed that the area was once inhabited by foragers thousands of years ago. The caves are a host to large colonies of harmless Commerson’s leaf-nosed bats. Gcwihaba caves presents a tough experience to walk and crawl (about a kilometre) from one entrance to another. The cave pathway is dark and have no trail markings. As you push further in the cave you will need a trained guide and proper lighting (flashlights). To visit Gcwihaba caves you will need a fully equipped 4×4 vehicle with high clearance.