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A visit to the Panhandle is usually accompanied by an excursion to Tsodilo Hills. The hills have been classified as a UNESCO World heritage site and are located 40km to the west of the Panhandle.

Tsodilo Hills forms one of the most historically significant rock art sites in the world, It boasts 500 individual sites representing thousands of years of human habitation. Nobody knows the exact age of the paintings although some are thought to be more than 20 000 years old, whilst others are merely a century old.

Tsodilo Hills consist of 4 large pieces of rock, rising unexpectedly from the dry expanse of the desert. The Bushman that lived here referred to the bigger rock as the ‘male’, the smaller one was known as the ‘female’, and the smallest one was the ‘child’. According to legends the fourth hill was the male hill’s first wife, whom he left for a younger woman, and who now prowls in the background.